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Tips Overcoming Global Warming

3:11 PM, Posted by Hari, 2 Comments

Still remember, the island Ghomara tragedy? A small island in the river delta Gangga, India that the width is only a few square kilometers, and every day this island off the surface due to sea water, which continues to escalate. Global warming (global warming) has become international isyu. You do not have to be a superhero, president or other important people to save the world. Method to global warming is best to start from yourself, from the environment around you and start from the things that most small. Here are tips from the global to participate.Open window. time to enjoy the end of the week at home, wide-open wide the window and turn off the AC. In addition to enjoying the fresh air, you reduce the use of electricity out of automatically reducing the CO2 into the air. Also, you can still feel cool in the house without using the AC.Use Bus. Compared to private cars, which only fit a maximum of 5 to 8 people, bus (public transport) is able to carry dozens of passengers to the number of people out with almost the same as CO2.Bike To Work. If you have an office location that is not too far, you have a good idea to use a bicycle as your means of transportation, other than the pollution-free, you can even fitness awake.Avoid Plastics. Each year more than 500 billion plastic bags produced and only 3% are recycled. While the remaining waste into gas that will result if the CO2 buried in the ground.Tree planting. One tree can absorb one tonne CO2 throughout the period of his life. So protect your home with the tree-plus menenduhkan help clean the air.Reduce Packaging. Would like paper or plastic, the packaging is always a waste. Be consumer-friendly environment. Do not take excessive tissue, take your own bags when shopping to supermarkets, and, if possible, bring your own tumbler while enjoying coffee in the cofee shop.


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