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Practical Tips Make room cool without AC

12:13 AM, Posted by Hari, 6 Comments

When dry season comes, some people feel hesitant of getting comfortable in the house or the electricity bills increase due to the air conditioner (AC). But in reality, you can implement some lifestyle changes and you eliminate your dependence on the AC. Because with so you can reduce your electricity bills while contributing to the positive control global warming. Here are practical tips to make the room cool without AC.Installation of Ceiling Fan. Make the ceiling fan or the fan that is installed in the ceiling. Ceiling fan absorbed power is very small (75 wh), but it can make room room temperature down to 10 centigrade derajad. Make sure that the ceiling fan is the position of the air pressing down, not up to menyerapnya.Selection Type pillow / mattress cool. If you sleep in the atmosphere to cool, then there are some products pillow / guling available to solve this problem. You can buy the type of pillow that contains water in it (water-filled pillow) to make your neck and keep your head cool. The other device that you can try a water bed and bed-fan (fan mattress). Fan on the bed is operating just below the closing cover, and exhale the air to cool your body throughout the night. .Bathroom With Shower On Day Afternoon. Costs that you use with utilize water bodies for clement will much cheaper compared with the use of AC.Installation Sun Protection (sun screen). Set sun protective glass or window film on your home. Sun protectors can reduce the entry of heat into the room as much as 65% while the glass film can reduce up to 60% of the entrance to the heat in the room and still allows light into the room. So, with the products, you can still enjoy the sunshine in the room when your day, but with a much reduced summer.The replacement type. You can replace incandescent lamps in the room with the lights TL (Tube Lamp) or fluorescent light. Why? Fluorescent lamp produces 10% light and 90% heat, while the TL / neon lights produce 90% and 10% heat. With the type TL / Neon, the room you can feel more cool.


richamoody @ August 9, 2009 at 12:07 PM

mesti buka kamus dul nie kyakna
" gak mudeng aq hihihi"

Hrmawan @ August 9, 2009 at 1:22 PM

Sip har.. tips yang baguss

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