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An easy way to copy the image on the screen

1:27 PM, Posted by Hari, 2 Comments

Some of my friends had when I ask when the article is a picture of copy'an screen, my friend's questions of "where you find the image" and I said there need only find a copy with the application at the time I use corel 14 , but my garden does not have an application that, then he would like to download it but I forbade it because it will eat long time, after that show and I think I like the idea if I use paint, Finally I can apply kang kang Rohman but how Rohman potoshop use. Finally, successful but also.By following this way

  1. Open the Paint application
  2. Minimize Preview
  3. Open the page in the copy that will be, for example, My blog is
  4. Press the Ctrl key together with the Print Screen key (Ctrl + Print Screen) in the keybord you, that does not have any response from your computer when you menakan its
  5. Paint it Maxsimize
  6. Press the Ctrl key together with the V key (Ctrl + V) on your keybord, then the image Appears in copy'an will Paint
  7. Save in
  8. Done

Note: this is the way does not need to install an application because I believe all have certain Windows features and apliksi paint me if you want to resize or croping its application can use Microsof Ofice Picture Manager or another application


suzhu BITES @ August 15, 2009 at 7:17 PM

nice info bro, cuman agak gak ngeri hehehehe...maklum gaptek

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